When people are considering using a relocation service in Sheffield for their exciting journey, there are many benefits to consider.
One of the most important factors to consider is the viewings. How can you do them if you aren’t in the same country, never mind the same city? Although the internet is incredibly helpful to get an idea of a property, experience dictates that the photos don’t show the whole property, including the negative aspects such as damp spots and smells! This is why it is important to go and see the property yourself or, if this isn’t possible, ask a local relocation service in Sheffield to do it for you!
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Many people move to Sheffield from abroad or out of the city. Doing the viewings is not always possible due to location, dates or times of appointments, as well as last minute hiccups.
Steel City Relocation Services is a service which will do the viewing on your behalf. This can be a virtual viewing, where you will be at the other end of the video call. It can also be just the relocation agent who will go and take photos and videos where possible to give you a better picture of the property you are considering. Sometimes a nervous buyer/renter may just want a second opinion and take a relocation agent with them to the viewing to get objective advice.

Example One- last minute relocation hiccup! A relocation service can come to the rescue with viewings!

One client was due to view a property but there was a last minute train strike so they were unable to travel up from Bristol. For a one off fee Steel City agents went to do the viewing for her, linking up with her by video call so she could get as much of a feel for theproperty as possible. She was able to say which parts she wanted to have a closer look at, revisit certain rooms, listen to any noise disturbances and speak with the vendor.

After the viewing we discussed the property and we offered her our honest feedback. We work exclusively for our client and want them to purchase/rent the best property for them. We are not linked to any Estate Agents or Landlords so can be 100% objective.
Based on this viewing our client put an offer in on the property and asked us to visit again after the survey to get a closer look at some of the issues raised and to make sure everything was still in good order after a particularly bad storm. Everything was fine and our client ended up buying a property she had never seen in person. She is now very happily living there.

Example Two – Relocation indecision – a relocation service does one off viewings

Another example of when someone may request a viewing done by us is when they don’t want a full relocation package. The client might have found a house in Sheffield that they liked the look of on one of the property portals.  They weren’t able to view themselves so just wanted a relocation service in Sheffield to check it out and give some feedback on it. For £50 we viewed the property, took photos and videos and sent them to our client.  We then had a follow up call to discuss the findings.  We gave our advice on the property as well as the property market which motivated them to act swiftly and they were able to secure the property.
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Example Three – not relocating, or buying! A relocation service offers advice and support with viewings.

Some clients, particularly first time buyers, may not feel comfortable making the right decision when buying a house. We are here to help, even if it just means going to a viewing with a client to help them make the right choice. An independent point of view can be really helpful when making such a big decision. Sometimes buyers may see things through rose tinted spectacles or the opposite, they may see something as an obstacle that cannot be overcome whilst we can provide solutions to these problems.
Alex had been saving for a property for years.  He was already living in Sheffield but still hesitated each and every time he went to a viewing. He had a checklist and couldn’t get past it if something at the property wasn’t on the list.  For example, Alex wanted a parking space.  This was quite rare in the area he wanted to live in, but after some research we found him a garage he could rent for a reasonable rent.  Alex also wanted a separate kitchen, not an open plan kitchen diner.  We showed Alex some designs of how stud walls can be economically put up to create a separate living space. He eventually took the plunge and wonders why it took him so long!

Example Four – Buying too much – a relocation service offers excellent advice!

Olive on the other hand was a very different buyer.  She loved everything she saw instantly but after her offer was accepted she started to see faults and withdrew it.  We supported her to choose her viewings more wisely, insisted she do at least two viewings before putting an offer in and had lengthy discussions about each viewing helping her see the not so good as well as the good of the property before any offer was made.  Olive put this advice into practice and she successfully purchased her first home.
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As you have seen, being a relocation expert isn’t just about helping people move to Sheffield from around the world, it is also about helping people who are already living in the UK or Sheffield to find their perfect home. If you want someone to come and help you find your ideal property or want a one off viewing done then just get in touch.  Call Ruth from Steel City Relocation Services on 07456905574 and she will be happy to talk you through your options.
Ruth Perrelli

Ms Ruth Janine Perrelli is the owner and founder of Steel City Relocation Services. Sheffield born and bred, finding properties for people is something she has been doing for many years and is passionate about. She has in-depth knowledge and experience of the local area and housing market to help people relocate to Sheffield and find them their perfect property. She shares her love of Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as her expertise of relocating to Sheffield through her Steel City Relocation Service’s blog.