A helpful guide to relocating to Sheffield

Sheffield has never been good at shouting about what it has on offer. Perhaps it prefers to see itself as a hidden gem and only the select few are able to know it’s real charms? The list of what it has to offer for those relocating to the sheffield city region is long. Bands such as the Human League, Heaven 17, the Arctic Monkeys and Pulp were from Sheffield, the city’s art scene is the largest outside of London. Sheffield is also the home of some of the UK’s best restaurants, pubs and bars — it is a particular treat if you are into craft beer with several local breweries. Whilst all of this is wonderful, what really makes Sheffield a fantastic city to relocate to is the unique balance of low living costs, accessible transport links and education facilitates

Sheffield underwent extensive redevelopment at the start of the 21st century which has helped it grow by 60% since 1997. Despite this high level of growth, house prices are still 70% less than London. On an average salary, the cost of living in Sheffield will be less than almost any other town or city in the United Kingdom meaning your standard of living will be higher. Like Rome, Sheffield is built on seven hills and is aesthetically ever improving. As a unique and interesting city, it’s no surprise that Sheffield has been voted one of the best places to live in the UK. Many people relocate to Sheffield for work or choice and there are so many reasons to move to Sheffield. Looking beyond the allure of other cities and relocating to Sheffield might be the best decision ever.


When relocating to Sheffield you will find many places for recreation

Sheffield Education

Sheffield has some outstanding education facitlities, there are a lot on offer with excellent nurseries and pre-schools, 138 primary schools, 37 secondary schools and 12 special and alternative schools. There are also two world class universities — The University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam University and The Sheffield College has many academic and vocational courses for career progression.

Those lucky students enjoying living in Sheffield can take advantage of first class accommodation, discounts on meals, clothes and drinks and has has been named the best place for graduates to live. Importantly it is one of the safest cities in the UK too — so it definitely has a happy youth culture.

Where to live when relocating to Sheffield

If you have been asked to relocate to Sheffield, you will want to ensure you find a great property to live in. As mentioned previously, Sheffield is an extremely affordable city. In the centre of Sheffield, housing is predominantly made up apartments with some terraced housing. As you move out to the suburbs you will find more semi-detached and detached housing. There is a vast array of property styles available from penthouse apartments to bungalows and farms. Whatever your housing needs, you won’t be paying excessively to find your perfect property in Sheffield — especially when you compare it to other cities such as London which is roughly 200% more expensive..

A studio or one bedroom apartment in Sheffield centre will start at around £500 per month for rent and £120,000 to buy. A 3 bedroom property in the suburbs starts at £550 and can go up to £900. So whether depending on your preferences, either the buzzing nightlife and culture found in the city centre or peace and quiet of the suburbs, your income will go further than you would expect. There are plenty of good quality house shares near the university or in the suburbs too.

Sheffield has many excellent areas and there aren’t many areas to actually avoid. Ecclesall is one of the most popular suburban areas to live in the cit. Popular with professionals and students it has accessto top restaurants, bars and public transport. The mid and upper section of Ecclesall Road, Hunters Bar and the Sheffield Botanical Gardens are popular in the area and are safe places to relocate to Sheffield in and bring up a family. Dore, Broomhill, Rivelin, Fulwood and Ranmoor are also popular options which are well worth considering.

Things to know about transport when moving to Sheffield

After housing, transport is also an important aspect consider. Like most cities, parking in the city centre can be a bit expensive and hard to find this is not uncommon, especially as the Sheffield city region has a population of around 1,569,000. There is an extensive public transport network where you can use trams, buses and trains. You can buy a monthly season ticket for both the tram and bus for around £52, a yearly one costs approximately £600 but depends depending on where you live in the city. If you don’t want to use or if this is not convenient for you , cycling is a great way to get from A to B. Sheffield is hilly, so you can be assured your health will improve using a bike and put in some effort to get around but there is sufficient cycle lane provision, which makes it easy to get around and a safe city to work those leg muscles.

Sports and culture

Football is very popular in Sheffield and is home to the famous English football clubs — Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield united. United currently play in the Premier League but both clubs have a interesting and rich history – passion is everywhere. Most people are not aware that the city is home to world’s oldest football club too, Sheffield FC, which may appeal to the most avid of football fans. If you are moving to Sheffield, it would be a good idea to work out which team you will support!

The Steel City of Sheffield is also the home to one of the UK’s most exciting art and culture scenes. There is so much to enjoying this field such as the Sheffield Walk of Fame in the City Centre, which is similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and honours the most famous Sheffield.

There is also an incredible thriving dance, music and song and community. DJs such as Thorpey and well known bands including the Arctic Monkeys and human League have come from the Steel City. Sheffield also has a noteworthy electronic and synth-pop music culture. You will be spoilt for choice for live music and events in the city.

Sheffield pubs, bars and restaurants

When relocating to Sheffield you will probably want to check out some of the bars and restaurants. Whether you are looking for a romantic meal. Vegan extravaganza or hearty breakfast, Sheffield is a city that has something for every palette. There are many offers and information about what is happening in Sheffield , Groupon is one way of getting a good deal and there are many early bird menus for a finer palette on a lower budget. Michelin stars and awards are not uncommon amongst Sheffield restaurants and every cuisine you can imagine can be found. Those who have moved to Sheffield have been amazed by the choice on offer.

The UK is undergoing a craft beer revolution and Sheffield is a big player. According to the Welcome to Sheffield website there are over 400 unique beers on offer in Sheffield pubs and micro breweries at any one time. You can find traditional pubs to trendy theme bars which are a great way to let off some steam after work.

The Sheffield dialect for those relocating to Sheffield

The Yorkshire accent was voted the most trustworthy and Yorkshire people are renown for speaking their mind. Yorkshire offers a rich diversity of dialects and accents and happens to have some of the finest Yorkshire slang words and phrases. As a newcomer to the city, you will want to get to know a few of the Yorkshire words you will come across and there are even guides to this online but the locals will undoubtedly help you out.

As a city, Sheffield is on the up. Now is a great time to relocate. Housing is affordable, there is a thriving arts scene and music culture. Sport is everywhere and you are surrounded by parks and green lands. If you are interested in relocating to Sheffield then using the services of a relocation agent in Sheffield will be invaluable. If you are a student starting university in Sheffield or relocating for work then Steel City Relocation Services is certainly recommended by their clients and they have helped relocate many people into the incredible city of Sheffield.

Ruth Perrelli

Ms Ruth Janine Perrelli is the owner and founder of Steel City Relocation Services. Sheffield born and bred, finding properties for people is something she has been doing for many years and is passionate about. She has in-depth knowledge and experience of the local area and housing market to help people relocate to Sheffield and find them their perfect property. She shares her love of Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as her expertise of relocating to Sheffield through her Steel City Relocation Service’s blog.