Why did I set up Steel City Relocation Services?

People often ask me why I set up my business and the answer is simple, it wasn’t there when I needed it!

My own personal relocation to Sheffield relocation journey began following a ten year stay in Naples, Italy. I was pregnant and wanted to go back to my hometown with my husband to start our new family life there. This was before the days of the internet; the only real method of communication was letter writing or sometimes telephone contact but that was expensive.

Of course, returning to Sheffield I needed somewhere to live. The difference between myself and my most of my clients is that I was Sheffield born and bred, I knew the areas I would like to live in and had a reasonable budget but how would I actually find somewhere?

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Finding somewhere to live

Fortunately, I had my mum who still lived in Sheffield who scoured the property newspaper and was able to put down a deposit on a house for us and be our guarantor. We were able to find a removal company willing to take us from Naples to Sheffield and my mum arranged to pick the keys up and meet us at the house. We had no income as such although had savings which allowed us to put a deposit down and the first month’s rent.

We arrived at midnight on a rainy November night and were over the moon with the house. The view was incredible and the house had such a warm feel to it. We loved the house so much that we eventually bought it! We were very lucky.

Times have changed hugely of course and although some things are far simpler, others are far more difficult!

We were fortunate that we had a contact in the city where we wanted to live and I knew the area well. My clients don’t often have that luxury and so they put a huge amount of trust in me to not only find them their perfect property for their relocation to Sheffield but to guide them through the whole process.

How a relocation service could have helped

The first part of the relocation process is getting a detailed brief of what my clients want and when they want it for. I use my contacts, property websites and social media to source appropriate properties and because I know Sheffield like the back of my hand, I am able to advise which areas may be more suitable for their needs.

Although there are property sites such as Rightmove, Onthemarket and Zoopla on the internet, nothing beats viewing a property in person or at least virtually by a person you trust, not the estate agent. No offence to estate agents but as a relocation agent I am independent and can advise my clients about the area, house, smells, hidden problems with the house or area that aren’t shown on the property websites.

Things to think about before moving

Before moving to Sheffield there were a lot of things I needed to consider. I needed to sell my business, have a huge clear out, get my cat microchipped and transfer ready as animals aren’t allowed in the UK unless they have a rabies jab, test negative for rabies within hours of leaving the country and must he seen by a vet to make sure they are in good enough health for the journey.

We drove in our little Italian car through Italy, stayed in Switzerland overnight and then up through France to get the Eurostar. This was all so new; my cat Peter was the first cat from Italy to be accepted into the UK with the pet passport. He was sedated so was able to tolerate the journey, I wouldn’t have been happy putting him on a plan in the hold!

families that relocate

When we arrived in Sheffield there were numerous things, we had to do which still stand today.


Things we had to do when we arrived

We made sure we got meter readings for up-to-date bills; you don’t want to be paying for someone else’s usage! We ordered internet, there was no broadband back then and the speed was incredibly slow but at least we were online. We registered with the council, the job centre and with a GP. Again, it was different then, you just rang up and they sent forms to your house. Now it is online and essential that you do it as soon as possible. If possible, arrange for any post to be redirected through the post office to your new address. Register with a dentist, schools if appropriate and a gym if you are inclined. As my husband was Italian there were no formalities as we were part of the EU back then, things are different now and various visas must be applied for, even if you are married to a UK national. These need sorting before you make your relocation to Sheffield.

We spent the first few days going round all my old haunts in Sheffield. I had forgotten how wonderful the parks were, Endcliffe Park, Graves Park and the Botanical Gardens being my favourites. There were newly developed areas such as Kelham Island and most of the city centre has been pedestrianised. I booked driving lessons and my husband had to register his Italian car in the UK. It was only valid for a year before he would have to have the steering wheel moved to the other side of the car! It got us through the first year though.

I found the health care in Sheffield to be excellent. We were seen regularly by the midwife and when the time came the hospital was top notch. We went to the local catholic church but there are plenty of places of worship in Sheffield for different religions.

I love Sheffield, I love the peak district on the doorstep, the friendly people, good shopping venues (Meadowhall anyone?) and it has everything you could need. Things have changed over the last twenty something years of course but for me it still remains the best city in the UK. The history of steel made me think of the name for my business as Sheffield is also known as the Steel City and so Steel City Relocation Services made perfect sense.

Are you considering a move to Sheffield?

If you are thinking a Sheffield relocation, for work, a change of lifestyle or any other reason, give me a ring on 075460-5584 or read my blog on Relocating to Sheffield If you like what you see get in touch and I will talk you through the whole process. It can be scary but having someone in your corner will make things so much easier!

Ruth Perrelli

Ms Ruth Janine Perrelli is the owner and founder of Steel City Relocation Services. Sheffield born and bred, finding properties for people is something she has been doing for many years and is passionate about. She has in-depth knowledge and experience of the local area and housing market to help people relocate to Sheffield and find them their perfect property. She shares her love of Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as her expertise of relocating to Sheffield through her Steel City Relocation Service’s blog.