Our Services

We work exclusively for our clients to find their ideal property and are not restricted to any estate agents, we cover the whole spectrum. From private landlords to international property agents we will source your property and negotiate you the best possible deal and terms. We aren’t just Steel City savvy either we have expert knowledge of all the surrounding areas and what they have to offer. From Chesterfield and Rotherham to Matlock and the Hope Valley, we will find you the best property available in your preferred area.

Why Choose us

Time Saving

The main factor is time-saving. You have to weigh up whether the cost of using a relocation agent is lower than the cost of your time spent buying or renting a house and all that entails. If you are self-employed for example you may need to move but just don’t have the time to go through the motions. If your employer is funding your move then it would undoubtedly be more cost effective for them to pay us than for you to have to take time off work to plan your relocation. Perhaps you are living abroad and it would be impractical to physically find a property? We are in the area you want to move to and we will source, view and negotiate on suitable properties for you.


Our local knowledge of the property market and how fast or slowly properties are moving at any particular time means that we can maintain a strong negotiating position often saving our clients thousands of pounds. Local knowledge means we know the ins and outs of the areas. Which schools are linked to which areas, the cultural demographic of the area, and what the Ofsted reports for those schools are. Whether you are looking for pre-school child care, private education or post 16 we can provide you with the knowledge you need.

Professional Representation

Estate Agents and landlords tend to take clients more seriously when they know they have a professional relocation service agent helping you. This always goes in the buyers favour in the negotiating process.

Personal service

Using Steel City Relocation Services will give you the reassurance and personal service you may need to ensure your relocation goes to plan. We know the areas we can relocate you to because we live here, we know how important it is to get your needs met and to get as much support as possible during the moving process. First time buyers in particular benefit from having our agents working with them to acquire their most expensive acquisition with confidence For businesses looking to relocate their employees we will come to meet you and provide information about the area for employees who are potentially transferring. As representatives of Sheffield and its surrounding areas we are passionate about our enthusiasm for the area to your employees.

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Personal Concierge Service

If you are busy person and would like some help, then a personal concierge service could be just what you need.  Steel City Relocation Services offer more than a property finding service for those wishing to relocate. We also offer a personal concierge service to help you with things like booking holidays, restaurants, shows and travel arrangements.  If you need to buy a gift but don’t have time, we can do this for you!  If you are busy and need someone to arrange tradespeople then we can also that!  The every day things that you may not have time for, we can help.  We charge £40 per hour and £25 per half an hour with a minimum £25.  Premium concierge services are available for a monthly fee.  For more information about how a personal concierge service can help then please go to our concierge services page, send us an email or call us and let us take some of the pressure from you.