Our Services

When you have decided to relocate to Sheffield but aren’t sure which area is for you or don’t have the time or capacity to do the house hunt for yourself then Steel City Relocation services are here to help. We work exclusively for our clients to find them their ideal property and are not restricted to any estate agents, we cover the whole spectrum. From private landlords to international property agents we will source your property and negotiate you the best possible deal and terms. We aren’t just Steel City savvy either we have expert knowledge of all the surrounding areas and what they have to offer. From Chesterfield and Rotherham to Matlock and the Hope Valley, we will find you the best property available in your preferred area.

Why Choose us

Time Saving

Looking for a property takes a lot of time. You have to weigh up whether the cost of using a relocation agent is lower than the cost of your time spent looking for a property, viewing, negotiating and organising utilities, searching for schools etc.  You may need to move but just don’t have the time to search for properties online but which don’t live up to your expectations in real life or are in an area you don’t know.  If your employer is funding your relocation to Sheffield then it would undoubtedly be more cost effective for them to pay us than for you to have to take time off work to plan your relocation. Perhaps you are living abroad and it would be impractical to physically find a property? We are in the area you want to move to and we will source, view and negotiate suitable properties for you, all you have to do is let us know which of the properties we will suggest you would consider, we do the rest. People who already live in Sheffield also use our services as they are too busy to do the house hunting themselves. We will arrange for you to view properties and accompany you to them.  As many properties as you need, until you find your perfect home.


Our local knowledge of the property market and how fast or slowly properties are moving at any particular time means that we can maintain a strong negotiating position often saving our clients thousands of pounds. Local knowledge means we know the ins and outs of the areas. Which schools are linked to which areas, the cultural demographic of the area, and what the Ofsted reports for those schools are. Whether you are looking for pre-school child care, specialist education, private education or post 16 we can provide you with the knowledge you need. We are a great choice for parents of students moving to Sheffield to study at the fantastic universities we have here.  We work closely with them to ensure their child will be living in a safe but convenient area. Some parents decide to buy a house for their child to live in whilst they are studying in Sheffield and therefore it is essential that they make a good investment. We will make sure that they do.

Professional Representation

Estate Agents and landlords tend to take clients more seriously when they know they have a professional relocation service agent helping you. This always goes in the buyers favour in the negotiating process. When you use our services we will take a brief from you to understand exactly what you are looking for. We will contact estate agents, personal contacts and landlords to inform them that we are representing you and to ask them to contact us before properties go to market so we can view first.  Time is often of the essence and time sat waiting for people to get back to you is time wasted.  We will be proactive in contacting agents and you can get on with your life.

Personal service

Using Steel City Relocation Services will give you the reassurance and personal service you may need to ensure your relocation goes smoothly. We know the best areas for your relocation because we live here, we know how important it is to get your needs met and to get as much support as possible during the moving process. First time buyers in particular benefit from having our agents working with them to acquire their most expensive acquisition with confidence For businesses looking to relocate their employees we will come to meet you and provide information about the area for employees who are potentially transferring. As representatives of Sheffield and its surrounding areas we are passionate about where we live and if you want to convince your valued employees to relocate to the Sheffield city region,  our enthusiasm for the area will certainly be passed on to your employees.

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Holiday Home Services

At Steel City Relocation Services we offer more than a property finding service for those wishing to relocate to Sheffield. We also offer a holiday home finding service. As we are based minutes away from the beautiful Peak District it is not hard to see why hundreds of thousands of people flock here every year and many choose to buy or rent holiday homes here. We cover the areas of Matlock, Buxton, Castleton, The Yorkshire Dales and many more.  As with our standard property search service we will talk to you to find out exactly what you are looking for and make suggestions as to where may be suitable and also available as some areas have clauses which mean they cannot be bought by those out of the area.  Should you wish us to look for a holiday home for you to purchase we will carry out all the necessary research and viewings as with all our property searches. We will view properties for you, take photos and videos so you can see what we see. If you are simply looking to rent a property for a short holiday, we can also do that for you too.  Again, let us know what you are looking for and we will make sure we find it.