Personal Concierge Service

Personal Concierge Service in the Steel City and beyond!

What are personal concierge services?

Personal Concierge services mostly refer to a range of services offered by companies, individuals or hotels to meet the needs and requests of their clients or guests. In more modern times, concierge services have expanded to include a wide range of  home concierge services,  which include making travel arrangements,  arranging for transportation, restaurant reservations, booking tickets to events, arranging tradespeople to carry out work or repairs, providing personal shopping services and more. It is like having your own personal assistant without the hassle of employing one!

The goal of concierge services is to make life easier for clients by taking care of their needs and providing personalized attention and support.  Are you extremely busy and would like someone to arrange things that you simply don’t have time or would prefer not to do? Perhaps you don’t enjoy arranging holidays or researching which are the best restaurants or hotels for clients? Making travel arrangements,  booking holidays and hotels, shopping and sending gifts, test driving cars,  receiving packages, booking theatre tickets, sporting event tickets etc all take time and if that is something that you don’t have,  Steel City Relocation Services are also able to offer this service under their separate personal concierge service.

How does it work?

Using a concierge service to book holidays

It is very straightforward for us but will save you a lot of time and effort.   You tell us what you would like us to do and we do it!  Some examples are a gentleman who wanted to arrange a surprise holiday to Paris for his wife for their anniversary.  He didn’t know where to start and didn’t have time to go to travel agents.  He provided us with the ideal holiday, budget and dates.  We did the rest.  We arranged the flights, transfers, hotels and even booked a fabulous restaurant for their anniversary meal and flowers to be delivered to the hotel.  The gentleman in question approved all the plans prior to making payment and his wife was delighted with the outcome.  We also saved him some money by shopping around to get the best prices. The cost of this service was a hundred and twenty pounds, which the client felt was exceptional value for money.

Another example is a company that wanted to arrange a team away day.  We received a detailed of brief of suitable activities, dates, times and budget and we did the ground work.  We researched popular but also unique activities for corporate events and

Personal concierge ticket booking service

Another client wanted us to book some football and theatre tickets for an upcoming visit to Sheffield.  The client gave us the details of which match and show dates and times they wanted and we did the rest. This took an hour and our client was very happy with the concierge service as it saved her valuable time which she was able to spend with her family.

Concierge Services offer Test drives, deliveries and more!

Steel City Personal Concierge Services also offers help to people moving to Sheffield in a variety of ways.  We can offer test drives for cars, arrange for furniture to be delivered and be there for when it arrives.  We can provide contacts and make arrangements for reliable and referenced cleaners, childminders and gardeners.

The prices for the concierge service

We charge a very competitive forty pounds per hour or twenty five pounds per half an hour.  There is a minimum charge of twenty five pounds.

Some clients prefer to pay a concierge monthly fee of one hundred pounds per month and this allows us to prioritise their requests, which are usually quite last minute.  This fee offers the client a discounted rate for three hours service and very importantly the client has the peace of mind to know they have a booking service at their fingertips if they are regularly booking travel, hotels, sending gifts etc.

Steel City personal concierge services are available 24/7 so you do not have to worry about keeping office hours.