The Steel City, an alternative paradise?

Sheffield CityFor oh so many of us, living ‘the dream life’ abroad is a fantasy isn’t it?  According to one survey, over three-quarters of us would like to live over seas during our lifetimes. The main reason for this is hoping to find a better lifestyle.  Sun, sea and siestas feature on the majority of wish lists and although this sounds appealing, many people want to relocate and live in the Sheffield region too – and for good reason.

Is it right for me?

Sheffield offers a huge amount of choice for families, including great schools,  universities, a lot of affordable housing and plenty of parks and outstanding countryside.  We have some interesting and  unique shops, top sports facilities, world famous musicians and our standard working hours are 9-5.  Our rights as parents and carers are largely protected too meaning we can often work flexibly around school, family life  and child care.

Although this might sound completely mundane to many of us Brits already living here, these aren’t every day occurrences for people living abroad. – even living in beautiful countries such as Italy or Spain. We always seem so envious of their climate and siestas but in reality it can be far too much like hard work to toil in 42 degree heat and those siestas add another three hours to their working day. House prices in overcrowded cities are too expensive for most and outdoor spaces are limited. Wages aren’t always great either and unemployment in some areas very high.

Our children might complain about a bit of homework but children on the continent are swamped in home work and spend hours and hours after school reading books and studying.  They start early at 8 and finish at around 2 but they spend another three hours or so doing extra work at home. Children on the continent often go to school on Saturdays too. So whilst it might be glorious sunshine outside, a lot of time is spent inside studying.  Their summer holidays are extensive too, from June to mid September which can give families  a nightmare trying to find childcare.

What is living in the Steel City Like?

Warm CoffeeOur houses offer a lot of benefits too.  We often have gardens which act as an extra room.  It’s all very well having wall to wall sunshine every day but if you are stuck inside working or studying it’s wasted. Us Brits are often able to sit outside and read or have tea in the sunshine. If you don’t have a garden or don’t finish work/studying until 8pm then that chance is gone. Our homes are varied and there is something to suit everyone, from close knit community terraces to penthouse apartments.

We have seasons which means we can enjoy bbqs  in summer and sledging in winter.  We have world class teaching hospitals, top education, work and training opportunities as well as lots of parks, festivals and outdoor space.  We offer cuisine from all over the world and a wonderfully multi-cultural society. All faiths are welcomed and we embrace that, especially important in these times of global unrest.

So yes the dream can be to live in another country, to enjoy the sun, sea and culture – but the Sheffield region has a lot to offer too. If you would like to learn how we at Steel City Relocation Services can help you can enjoy it then why not visit the rest of our website or contact us on 0114 3485537.  We are a varied population with something for everyone. It’s not to say that life abroad can’t be lovely but the grass isn’t always greener and we shouldn’t forget that.