Independent Accompanied Viewing Service

Steel City Relocation Services provides a proven, reliable solution for accompanied viewings by offering an independent property viewing agent to host viewings and carrying out property visits, whether live or streamed! 7 days a week, anywhere in the Steel City region.

Booking a viewing with an accompanied property viewing agent can be an ideal way to cover the viewing or multiple properties for a set number of hours.  We will arrive at your requested location to collect the keys, discuss the instructions for the day and then carry out viewings on your behalf at the properties.  All feedback will then be provided as soon as the appointments have finished.

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What is a viewing?

Selling or renting a property can be a daunting task, involving various stages, some of which are more crucial than others. Among these stages, the “Viewing Stage” stands out as one of the most important. As the saying goes, “First impressions last,” and appearances play a significant role. Viewings are where potential buyers/tenants are guided through a property to assess their interest, showcase the property and answer any questions.

In the world of independent accompanied viewings, who conducts them? Why they are vital to the success of the sale/rental?

The Role of an accompanied viewer

Estate agents are skilled professionals who excel in marketing properties to their target customers and closing deals but sometimes they don’t always have the time or staff to cover all the viewings required to sell their properties.  Here is what accompanied property viewing agents step in and act as an independent person showing the potential buyer or tenant round the property, selling the positives, rationalising the negatives and providing feedback to the estate agent after the viewing.

Ensuring a Positive Atmosphere for Potential Buyers/Tenants!

A property viewing agent help set the right tone during viewings. When potential buyers discover that an independent agent is present, it brings them significant reassurance. They feel valued and appreciate the attention given to them. They feel less pressure as they don’t feel the estate agent is judging them as the viewing agent is not trying to sell the property for them but will put it in its best light and answer any questions, including more negative ones.

Noticing the Small Details

Having an experienced agent working for you proves advantageous, as they can draw an estate agent/letting agent’s attention to minor issues with the property.  These should be addressed before the viewings begins. They assist you in ensuring that the property is in top shape when potential buyers/renters visit.

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Establishing Connections and Interacting with Potential Buyers

Many homeowners prefer not to deal directly with potential buyers due to various reasons, such as lacking the necessary people skills or simply wanting to avoid the process. This is where independent property viewing agents shine, as they possess the expertise to connect and engage with potential buyers effectively.

Enhancing Security and Mediating

The presence of a property viewing agent during viewings provides a sense of security for both the buyer and the homeowner. The agent will ensure the property is safe to show people around prior to the viewing, lock up and ensure the property is empty and secure after the viewing and return the keys to the agent.

Managing Viewings When You’re Occupied

If you find yourself occupied with other tasks and unable to attend viewings, estate/lettings agents can contact an independent accompanied viewer to oversee and manage the entire process, often at short notice, allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities.

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How Do Accompanied Viewings Facilitate Home Sales?

Experience Matters!

Having an accompanied viewing agent with extensive experience in conducting viewings and showcasing properties expedites the sale process. Their expertise as skilled salespeople enables them to showcase your property in a manner that appeals to potential buyers. They can address inquiries and provide solutions confidently, thereby accelerating the sales process.

Encouraging Honest Feedback from Potential Buyers

Receiving honest feedback from potential buyers is crucial for selling a house or property. This feedback can guide necessary improvements that may attract other potential buyers if the current one falls through. Generally, buyers/renters tend to withhold critical views and comments from homeowners, landlords or estate agents out of politeness or to avoid awkwardness. However, when an accompanied viewer, who is not a member of the estate agency is present, it eliminates such concerns and allows buyers/renters to express their opinions more freely.

Accompanied viewings:

Facilitated by experienced agents, independent property viewing services offer numerous benefits in the property sale process. From creating a positive atmosphere and addressing details to establishing connections and enhancing security, accompanied viewing agents play a vital role. Their expertise and presence can expedite the sale of your home while encouraging honest feedback from potential buyers.

How does it work?

The process is extremely simple.  The letting/estate agents contacts the accompanied viewer and discusses their requirements.  The accompanied viewer picks up the keys, shows the clients round and secures the property, before returning the keys.

The accompanied viewer sends the estate agent or lettings agent an invoice which is payable within 10 working days.

How much does it cost?

The time starts from when the accompanied viewer picks up the keys and ends when the keys are returned to the agent.  This means the travel time, discussion about requirements and the accompanied viewer’s learning about the property is free!  The charge is a very competitive £35 per hour.  Accompanied viewers are DBS checked so provide you with assurances about who is in your property.

Why use Steel City Relocation Services for your accompanied viewings?

When it comes to relocating to Sheffield, Steel City Relocation Services stands out as an excellent choice for handling your accompanied viewings. Here are several reasons why you should consider their expertise:

Extensive Local Knowledge:

Steel City Relocation Services has an in-depth understanding of Sheffield’s neighbourhoods, property market, and amenities. Their team of professionals possesses firsthand knowledge of the area, enabling them to guide you towards the most suitable properties based on your preferences and requirements.

Time-Saving and Efficient:

Searching for a new home can be a time-consuming process, particularly when you’re unfamiliar with the area. By utilizing Steel City’s accompanied viewings, you can optimize your time and efficiency. Their experts will organize and schedule viewings, ensuring that you see a variety of properties that align with your criteria in a well-planned manner.

Expert Guidance:

When accompanied by a local property viewing agent, you benefit from their lived local experience and so can be sure of their advice during property viewings. They can offer insights into the pros and cons of each property, potential renovation or maintenance considerations and neighbourhood dynamics. This expert guidance helps you make informed decisions and avoid potential pitfalls.  It can also save time by not going to view other properties in the same area. This is especially true for people relocating to Sheffield who do not know the area.

Peace of Mind:

Using Steel City Relocation Services for accompanied property viewings provides peace of mind throughout the entire process. Knowing that you have an experienced professional by your side reduces stress and uncertainty. They handle the logistics, communicate with interested parties or agents and ensure that your interests are represented.

Entrusting Steel City Relocation Services with your accompanied viewings in Sheffield offers several advantages. Their local knowledge, time-saving approach, expert guidance and overall peace of mind make them an ideal partner when showing potential buyers/renters your properties. For more information please follow this link

Ruth Perrelli

Ms Ruth Janine Perrelli is the owner and founder of Steel City Relocation Services. Sheffield born and bred, finding properties for people is something she has been doing for many years and is passionate about. She has in-depth knowledge and experience of the local area and housing market to help people relocate to Sheffield and find them their perfect property. She shares her love of Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as her expertise of relocating to Sheffield through her Steel City Relocation Service’s blog.