If your employer has offered you the opportunity to move to Sheffield you may have your reservations. Or maybe you have just decided to try living in a new city and made the great choice of relocating to Sheffield as your destination? Making a major move can feel like a daunting prospect, but it also presents an amazing opportunity.

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The benefits of relocating

It allows you to explore a whole range of new places, get to know new people and garner new interests while only taking the best of your old city life when you do relocate.

Of course, if you relocate to Sheffield or any new city in the UK can  prove to be a logistical challenge but there are well established, local relocation services and businesses such as Steel City Relocation Services that can make your relocation a stress-free experience.

If you look at relocating as something to be taken advantage of rather than an ordeal to be endured and take advantage of the support on offer, you’ll find it goes much more smoothly.

How to successfully relocate

There’s no best way to relocate to a new area, but experience has shown me that breaking down the move into distinct steps that can be ticked off as you go along makes it more manageable. As the owner of Steel City Relocation Services I can say that these tips helped me quickly get back to normal life after a big relocation, returning to the UK from abroad.

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How should I get ready for my move?

Do some research into the city, town, or area you’re moving to. Many people choose to use a local relocation service to help them make this difficult transition and find it invaluable. After all they know the area well, they will understand your needs and lifestyle and how certain areas can work for you. However, if you choose not to use a relocation service then –

Look up:

Property prices:

When you relocate to Sheffield can you afford to rent or do you wish buy? Should you look for flats or houses? What type of house would you prefer, a detached, bungalow or terraced house for example. Only you will know which you prefer.


Which areas do you think would suit your lifestyle the best? Do you prefer residential areas, city centre living or the country with plenty of green spaces? Do you want to be near parks or restaurants? Where is considered to be a good or bad area for you and your family and what are the crime statistics? If you are choosing to move to Sheffield, there are plenty of websites with crime statistics which will help you make an informed choice.

The Cost of living:

How do daily expenses in your new city compare to your current home? Everywhere is getting more expensive but make sure you can afford to live where you would like to, it makes no sense to leave yourself with no money to enjoy your new home.

Make Local connections:

Do you know anyone already living there? Are there any families or any groups you could join to help you settle into the community? Facebook has many groups that could be suitable for your move. If you use a relocation service you will already have a local connection!

Transportation options:

Is this a place with good public transport? Will you be driving everywhere? What is the parking like? Is the city centre within walking distance?


If you’re relocating with your family and children or are looking to work in a school you need to know where are the best nurseries, primary and secondary schools with the best OFSTED reports? Do they offer in-year admissions? Are they over subscribed? Do you need special needs provision or are considering private schools? This is where local knowledge is important as a local will know which schools are considered the best.

Start with Google and then look into more specific sources, such as user forums and local online news sites.  These will give you an idea of the good schools in the city you are moving to but nothing beats personal experience so using a relocation service can be priceless.

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Should I sell or rent my old home after I move to a new city?

Before making this decision, you’ll need to consider your situation.

Can you comfortably afford daily living costs with two mortgages?

Is your move going to be temporary or permanent?

Are house prices in the area you are leaving and moving to rising or falling?


Renting out your property can be attractive prospect because it offers a steady income stream but gives you the option to return. But being a landlord can be challenging and using a lettings agent can be expensive. Also, renting means you won’t get a large lump sum of cash, which you may want or need to buy a place in your new city.


This means you could get a large cash injection (depending on your circumstances of course. It could also help you feel like you’ve truly made the move and are starting over from fresh. But it is well known that selling your property doesn’t happen quickly, and it comes with many fees and expenses. There could be a lengthy chain of buyers and sellers, you need to prepare your house to sell which can be time consuming and you may not want to make such a big commitment.

Should I rent or buy once I relocate to Sheffield or a new city?

The first step is deciding whether to live in rented accommodation or to buy a new home straightaway.

Both approaches have pros and cons.

The advantages of renting boil will down to your flexibility and simplicity. It also gives you time to learn about the city before making a permanent decision. If you don’t use a relocation service renting might be preferable to make sure you haven’t made a poor choice.

But renting can also have it’s drawbacks. You’ll feel less settled and will need to move again soon. Do you want to pack, unpack, engage solicitors again and estate agents? Plus, you may need to move some possessions into storage which can be costly. If you have children, that could even mean an extra school change for them which naturally isn’t ideal.

Buying a new home however can offer different advantages. You will be able to settle in immediately and begin investing in your new home’s décor and put your own stamp on it. You will be able to choose a home that’s right for you in terms of size, style,and location if you know the area. It can also help you regain stability and a probably much needed sense of normality.

But buying a house in a new city has risks, too. Feeling under pressure, you could make a hasty decision and end up with a money pit or a poor investment. You won’t have had the time to get to know different neighbourhoods in your new city yet. This could add a lot of stress of a major move. A relocation agent will take away this risk as they will know the market, what would be a good investment and how your lifestyle will fit into where you will live.

How do I find a home in a new city?

Finding a new home, without a relocation service supporting you, when you’re not yet living in a new town or city can be made easier by breaking the process down into manageable steps.

Pick a neighbourhood. You can do some research about what is in different areas, which schools are there and what the local amenities are. This is a good way of getting some understanding of an area but using a relocation service would be preferable.

Browse property listings be aware of the property market in the city you are moving to, how easy is it to get viewings, is there a lot of competition for one property?  If so a relocation agent such as Steel City Relocation Services can act swiftly on your behalf to ensure you get the viewing booked in and can also do the viewing virtually with you or with you present if you are free.

Arrange your viewings at a time (or times) you can attend; many of these may be virtual tours, if these virtual tours are by the agent be aware they will only show you the best bits and leave bits out that could be the difference between you wanting to live there and not.  Again a relocation agent will be acting on your behalf and will be very honest about the pros and cons of the property

Visit for a weekend, if possible, to view all the listings and make an informed decision, but be aware of the competitive nature of the property market.  Currently it is a seller’s market and the vendors often receive multiple offers.  Prepare your case as to why they should take your offer!

How should I move my stuff when I relocate to Sheffield?

Whether you’re relocating to Sheffield from abroad or from across the UK, you’ve got three main options for moving your possessions.

Once you’ve packed your things, you can:

Drive them yourself: If you’ve got a large vehicle or you don’t have many possessions, this can be a flexible and budget-friendly option. If you have decided to rent out your current property furnished this could be an option.

Hire a van, truck, or trailer but be aware you will have to return the vehicle to the place you got it from or pay a hefty surcharge to take it to a national branch.  You will have to do all the heavy lifting too at both ends.

Use a removal company: If you choose to go with a removals company, they will collect your boxes from your home, do the loading and unloading and some offer a packing service for a  few hundred pounds extra. You can arrange shipping from abroad too.

Make your decision based on how many possessions you’re moving as well as your budget and convenience.

This is an opportunity to get rid of all the old, unused items everyone accumulates through life. This will certainly lighten your load during your move. The less you take with you, you will find the less it will cost you!

Some people who  relocate to Sheffield or other major cities, for work have their moving expenses covered by their employer, which can ease some relocation anxiety.
Review the government’s instructions regarding which relocation expenses are exempt from tax and National Insurance reporting and payment, or delegate this task to your relocation agent.

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How am I able  to settle in once I relocate to Sheffield?

Everyone settles in at their own speed, so don’t feel that you’ve got to settle in immediately.  There is no timeline to stick to.

But some of the first things you can do are:

Unpack and decorate your new home

If you’re not very skilled with household repairs, you may wish to consider hiring someone who can help with anything from simple DIY to furniture assembly.  Your relocation agent will be able to provide you with trusted trades people or you can look on local forums.

Locate important shops and facilities (and pubs and restaurants…) in your neighbourhood

Your relocation agent will be able to provide you with a list of these and google maps can also show you this although it may not be up to date.

Officially establish yourself – Do the formalities such as registering with a GP, ensuring utilities are in your name (don’t forget to take a meter reading on the day you move in!) changing your address with your bank, updating your voting details as well as ensuring other companies such as insurance and the DVLA have your new information.

Do things you normally would before you relocated

Walk your dog, visit theatres, museums or the cinema.  Locate your local library, or run/cycle around your neighbourhood.

Once you’re comfortable, you can:

Make the most of this exciting experience by exploring your new city — on foot, by car, bike or tram

Download local mobile apps and join neighbourhood forums

Make some social and personal connections

Start by posting on Facebook or other social networks that you’ve just relocated to Sheffield: maybe your connections or relocator knows someone in your area and can put you in touch..

Hobbies and pastimes

Take advantage of your new surroundings: Maybe you’re in a village on the edge of the great outdoors, with great cycling all around, or there’s a quiz team at the local pub. Cooking classes, walking or photography clubs, football leagues, pub quizzes, language classes, movie nights, local theatre — the possibilities are endless.

There’s no underestimating the challenges of a major relocation, it can seem stressful. But taking a systematic approach to the move, staying positive, and being open to new opportunities and experiences will increase your chances that your move will be successful. By using a relocation service you will have a friend in your new city who will do everything they can to help you settle in and might end up being a friend for life!

If you are looking to move to Sheffield, often considered one of the best places to relocate to for families and individuals alike, and would like some expert advice and support please consider Steel City Relocation Services 07456905574 or contact info@steelcityrelocationservices.co.uk for more information and look at their transparent costings.

Ruth Perrelli

Ms Ruth Janine Perrelli is the owner and founder of Steel City Relocation Services. Sheffield born and bred, finding properties for people is something she has been doing for many years and is passionate about. She has in-depth knowledge and experience of the local area and housing market to help people relocate to Sheffield and find them their perfect property. She shares her love of Sheffield and the surrounding areas, as well as her expertise of relocating to Sheffield through her Steel City Relocation Service’s blog.