Why employers must not underestimate professional relocation services


Many companies have seen a lot of budgeting restrictions over recent years. This has meant that the money allocated for relocating staff has most likely been reduced as well.  Most departments have had to suffer round after round of cuts and have seen the consequences of those financial reductions.

One of the ways that companies have reduced their budget is by relocating their companies and staff to other more cost effective and practical locations.  This has, of course, lead to a great deal of upheaval including the loss of valuable employees.  When relocating employee’s companies will tend to use relocation services to assist with the whole move.  These services should not be underestimated as they can make the difference between keeping and losing key personnel.

For a one-off relocation cost, employees will be fully supported through the whole moving process. Of course, a company will most likely give the employee some money to move and this is helpful but moving to a new area can bring about concerns that having a few thousand pounds in the bank cannot solve alone.

Support when relocating can prove invaluable

Having support in the area they are moving to is invaluable and can free up a great deal of time for staff who need to be doing other things.  If someone is looking for suitable accommodation, viewing properties and finding out everything there is to know about the home and area for the employee then that is a major obstacle overcome.  In the age of advanced technology relocating employees can see the area they are moving to on the internet or google street maps but as all house hunters have discovered, there is no substitute for seeing the property in person.

When someone knows the area, you are moving to very well, they are in the best position possible to be able to advise on what would be most suitable for relocating staff. They can short list properties, gather information about the local amenities, schools, leisure facilities, public transport etc. They can save so much time and expense by doing the leg work and only showing staff the best of the best.

Why professional relocation services can be vital for assisting a move

professional relocation services in Sheffield

Let’s take relocation to Sheffield by way of example. Sheffield is an impressive, bustling and growing city but to those who do not know the area, they may think that it is a grim northern city.  They may not know of the outstanding peak district on its doorstep, the festivals, theaters, excellent sports and education facilities etc. It may not, at first glance have the appeal of cities such as London or Edinburgh.  So, to attract key staff and valued employees, Sheffield may need to be sold and its numerous strengths, which are not always immediately obvious, presented by someone who knows the area and knows what it has to offer.

A relocation service can provide an orientation tour, find the best new home possible, deal with all the paperwork and as mentioned previously show the everyday amenities. Furthermore, when the employees are coming from abroad, have family and particular needs a lump sum becomes somewhat inadequate. Professional relocation services can help both large and small companies attract talent and make staff and their family feel looked after and valued. Using relocation services can prevent and overcome problems before they spiral out of control and this helps them get on with their day job from the start of the relocation to the day they move in.

Steel City Relocation Services are always here to help

For these reasons companies should not underestimate using a relocation service based in the area they are moving to.  To attract, retain and relocate important staff members, showing that their needs and concerns are being dealt with is most certainly money well spent. If you would like further information on how Steel City can help regarding your relocation, you can contact us on 0114 3485537 where we’ll be happy to help.